A.R.I.S.E. Summer Program

University of Mississippi


Dr. Erik Hom, Program Director and Faculty Coordinator

phone: 662.915.1731 | erik@olemiss.edu

Madlyn Lawrence, Administrative Associate

Michael Deauville, Administrative Associate

phone: (662) 234-3614 | arise@olemiss.edu

Dr. Ellen Shelton, Director of Pre-College Programs: Outreach and Continuing Education

phone: 662.915.7925 | eshelton@olemiss.edu

Jason Hale, Director of Research Resources, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

phone: 662.915.7482 | jghale@olemiss.edu

Holly Reynolds, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

phone: 662.915.7178 | hreynold@olemiss.edu

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

phone: 662.915.7482 | research@olemiss.edu

Summer College for High School Students (SCHS)

phone: 662.915.7621 | summercollege@olemiss.edu

Laboratory Services

phone: 662.915.5433 | http://safety.olemiss.edu/