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ARISE@UM Program (STEM research for high school, community college, and their teachers)
A Research Immersive STEM Experience at the University of Mississippi: we are dedicated to providing authentic, faculty-mentored, relationally-driven research experiences in STEM fields to support the future of STEM literacy and human flourishing in Mississippi and beyond

Our Mission/Vision

ARISE@UM is a multi-pronged and multi-phased initiative aimed at improving STEM education and the pipeline of students pursuing STEM degrees in Mississippi. Our first prong and current phase of focus is devoted to providing nurturing summer research experiences for high school students. Our goals with this program are to expose Mississippi high school students to the practice of scientific research, to demonstrate the degree to which research experience can help to improve academic performance, and to develop a pipeline of motivated and qualified MS high school students that attend UM and pursue STEM studies. We want to raise their level of excitement in pursuing further studies in STEM, encourage them to be thoughtful and well-rounded, build camaraderie and lasting friendships with their summer cohort, prepare them for better academic success in general and increase the number of students that pursue STEM careers.